Dolphin 2.0

Story so Far, i got lazy

So after being betrayed by Lord Duskwither during their fight with the Great Black Dragon Tycho, the Players find themselves in an open field of the plane of Outlands. The group woke up to the sight of an older Russian man. he introduced himself as Tycho, the dragon the group was just fighting. he immediately explains that he no longer has any power, and that he needs the players to clean up his mess. He explains that before the players arrived in the first campaign he had released the Demon Lord bane believing he could control him and use him to win the Great Game of Xorvvinntaal. The players reluctantly agreed. Tycho explained that they needed to return to the Material Plane but that during being teleported here they were bound to this plane. so, Tycho gives the players a solution, death. Tycho explains that if they die their souls will linger long enough to ressurect them thanks to the power of Outlands. they then will be reincarnated so they can leave the plane.



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