Nightmare's Bane

Black Flaming Longsword

weapon (melee)

This was one of the first weapons the PC’s recieved in my last campaign, Dolphin. it was a +2 2d6 icy burst Longsword. the Icy burst was for the black fire that came from the blade.


The eccense of Nightmares’s Bane was created 100 years prior to the begining of my first campaign Dolphin. Kyras the Damned, (He was not Damned at this point), was searching for a way to fuse the powers of the arcane and those of the Plane of Shadow. In his attempt he created two powerful Demon Lords, Nightmare and Bane. This earned Kyras the title of Creator. soon after Lord Duskwither, who at this time was a paladin, Branded Kyras as a threat to all mortal races and damned him to the Plane of Shadows. Although sealed into the Plane of Shadows Kyras sought redemption so he pondered a way to seal away the demons and put their evil energies to good use. While pondering this as he walked through the never ending existence of the Plane of Shadows he came upon a shrine dedicated to two Paladins who bravely sought to fight and destroy the shadow but died in the process. The history of the bodies was not what fascinated Kyras, it was the fact that their swords still radiated light after so long in the shadows. These weapons were the perfect containers for the Twin Demons. So Kyras spent 20 years sealing the demons into these blades. Upon creation Kyras realized that the demons had full control over their new shells. so he cast them down to the material plane and sealed them deep within the earth so no one would find his mistake. Kyras then spent the next 80 years in solitude in the plane of shadows. Both blades rested until only 5 years prior to Dolphin. At this time both Began to stir and began to influence the near by villages. the villages started to form cults worshiping this dark presence in the earth. this formed The Cult of Bane and Nightmare’s Wing. Lord Duskwither then began to sense the presence of these Demon lords and sought them out. Duskwither first found Nightmare’s wing and destroyed it in a matter of minutes. Upon entering the Temple Duskwither saw the full extent of a Demon Lord. Reality itself had begun to alter to Nightmare’s will. The thought of immense power slowly began to grow inside Dukswither. Seeking this power Duskwither and his Paladins quickly sealed Nightmare Back into his blade and prevented him from controlling it. Thus Nightmare’s Bane was created.

Nightmare's Bane

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